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Easy to use online ticketing


Sell tickets to your event at any time of the day or night, on any device

Each ticket has its own unique QR code

Your Event

Setting-up an event is easy

You'll have lots of help and support online, by phone, email and Zoom


Payments go straight to your account

PayPal    Stripe


Scan each ticket with a smart phone

Follow check-ins live on the website

Easy form

Setting up

Just complete the easy form with basic details of your event


Back office

Live tracking at all stages from booking to check-in

Print, view or download reports

QR Code


Tickets include a QR code; purchasers can print their ticket or present them on their mobile device

Mobile phone

Check-in app

Use our free simple phone app to check-in tickets

See How To


Straightforward pricing with no hidden extras with the Booking Fee either added to the total and paid by your buyer or paid by you out of the ticket price.

Annual fee

£288 (inc VAT)

Charged each year

This includes initial training and support online, by phone and by email

(£144 inc VAT for Club-Sites website users)

Booking fee 

£1.20 (inc VAT) per booking

There is no limit to the number of tickets in one booking

We will invoice you after your event

You won't need to print physical tickets, saving a considerable amount and you won't need to have cash floats on the door and have the security issues of carrying large sums to your bank, even if you are lucky enough to have a local branch. Your card processing fees may well be cheaper than the cost of banking cash.

How is the booking fee charged?

We invoice you after your event has taken place based on the number of bookings not the number of tickets.

The booking fee can be included in the ticket price or it can be shown as a separate cost to the ticket buyer. The buyer only pays one booking fee regardless of how many tickets are purchased. We only charge a Booking Fee if the total cost is more than £5.

Event cancellation

What if your event is cancelled?

TicketBytes has a refund system.  Your customer may elect to receive a full refund or donate all or part of the funds to you.

We don't charge for making a refund and we even refund the original booking fee 


Each ticket has its own unique QR code identifying the ticket purchaser, your entry team simply scan the QR code using a smartphone to check-in the holder at the event.

Holders may also be checked-out if you allow them to come and go.

How do customers receive their tickets?

Once the payment is received the purchaser can instantly download their ticket(s), in addition an email with their ticket attached is also sent to their email address.

They can either print the ticket or present the ticket on their smartphone at the event.

It's easy to set up a new event

Complete our easy form, setting out basic details for your event:

For a no obligation chat please contact us

telephone 3

01252 517611

TicketBytes is an integrated booking system for existing Squarezone and Club-Sites websites 

It's designed with ease of use, low cost, and no additional expensive equipment in mind

It has been used for large and small events since 2013